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India's first videoshopping app

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How To Become An Ambassador On Jooli

First, let us understand what does Jooli do?

Jooli is a marketplace where shoppers and merchants come together. Merchants showcase their products in engaging crisp videos and, in turn, get shoppers from pan India. The Jooli platform gives the merchant a broader and better reach, and for the shopper, the app gives them an experience of an offline store with multiple brands just a click away.

Who can become an ambassador on Jooli?

Anyone. If you know brands looking to showcase their products, you can refer them to Jooli and earn 2.5% on each product.

How To Become An Ambassador On Jooli?

First, identify the brands you would like to refer, go to Jooli's website and click on "become an ambassador". Fill up your details, and you are done. Our team will reach out to you for further process. It is that simple.

Is the program LIVE?

As of now, you can register to become an ambassador, the program will officially launch around mid-2023.

Conclusion: In short, becoming an ambassador for Jooli is a win-win situation. You refer brands and earn on each product that gets sold from that brand for a lifetime (till the time the brand is listed on the Jooli app.)

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