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How To Use The Jooli Creator Panel Efficiently To Increase Your Business

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"Jooli provides the merchants with a creator panel which gives them complete autonomy. The control panel serves as an analytical tool that assists the merchant in making better decisions for publishing on Jooli.

Once you are in the creator panel, you have access to a dashboard with tools to increase your efficiency, including:

1. Add and manage unlimited sub-brands and product videos.

2. Get insights into well-performing and non-performing videos, based on which you can choose the topics for videos based on statistics.

3. As a merchant, you can look at the no. of shoppers:

- Viewing each product

- Visiting your website

- Orders received

- Purchase made

4. Get analytics on the number of views, clicks, and duration per video.

5. Products view with thumbnails and pricing - you can add a new product, add a category or edit information and pricing at any time of a particular product.

6. Add multiple channels for different brands.

As a merchant, you will have innumerable benefits on the Jooli App.

Click here to sign up today!"

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