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India's first videoshopping app

What is the best thing about shopping? When you find the product you’re looking for right away, and the salesperson shows you everything and presents it in detail. That’s exactly how Jooli works!

Next generation videoshopping

For users

Personalized shopping experience to go: All your favorite brands, stores and products in one app.

For ambassadors

You have your own personal style and are convinced that others will like it too? Then make money with it by advertising your favorite products on jooli!

Become a vendor on jooli

Are you looking for a platform where you can present your products in a new, entertaining way in moving images? Then come to jooli!

Video shopping by swipe: new, unique, innovative jooli offers a completely new shopping experience. Interesting products are presented in short entertaining videos. Decision by swipe: Do you like the products? Should more products like these be displayed? Or would you like to switch to the next dealer?

Video Shopping per Swiping

Join us now to promote your favorite products on jooli and benefit from your sales talent!

Discover the benefits!

Present your favorite products – as an ambassador of Jooli

Would you like to be an ambassador and present new trends and must-haves to other people? Then moving images are just the right medium for you. Grab your smartphone and tell the world about your favorite products – Jooli offers you the perfect platform. Your viewers are looking forward to being shown new products and trendy eye-catchers. What counts is your story about the product and what personal experiences you can share with our customers. After all, your viewers want more than advertising copy and dazzling photos. Promote your favorite products on Jooli with personal product videos.

Next generation video shopping – discover new products with short videos.

What is the best thing about shopping? When you find the product you’re looking for right away, and the salesperson shows you everything and presents it in detail. That’s exactly how Jooli works – with the big advantage that you can simply swipe away if you don’t like a product. Our attention span when shopping online is short – Jooli knows that too. That’s why our videos are short and crisp.

Video shopping allows customers to capture all the features of products. After all, product photos and a brief description are usually simply not enough. In the video, we can discover jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, bags or watches all around. Advice appears in large print in the highly informative videos because video shopping is supposed to offer just that: Advice and entertainment in one, without you as a customer having to go to the store downtown.

Swipe for the perfect match – video shopping takes you to your favorite product in seconds

If you don’t like an item, you can simply swipe to the next one while video shopping. This way, you don’t lose valuable time when shopping downtown and without an appointment. The stream is intelligent and understands the decisions and wishes of your selection. Did you like a product? Then Jooli can recommend other suitable products. The salespeople talk to you directly and show you the product as if you were standing right in the store. So you have a very personal shopping experience without leaving the house.

Whenever you want, you can simply change the channel and thus also the product category. Jooli is a highly flexible platform for video shopping. Would you rather buy a handbag or are you interested in jewelry? Then you don’t have to run to the nearest store right away. It’s enough to switch to your favorite channel. This pleases the dealers, who can offer you exactly the perfect product in a matter of seconds, and you, because you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for without a time-consuming search. And if you want to share your find with your friends, you can simply invite your peers to Jooli.

Video shopping offers retailers the opportunity for personal advice

Video shopping also has potential for sellers, because they don’t need expensive equipment like a TV studio or lighting – it’s enough to simply stand in front of a smartphone and present the item to interested customers in the video.
What could be better than being able to show your customers your products in detail and with passion? This gives viewers a good impression of the possibilities, the “look and feel” of a new product, and they also see it from all sides. Participating in Jooli is as easy as sending a newsletter: set up your smartphone, record the video and send it to the platform.
In this way, store operators can also present products that require explanation and thus arouse interest. The difference to teleshopping? The interaction! With Jooli, customers decide what is shown in the video.
With a simple swipe to the right, they discover new products in the online store as often and quickly as they want. A win-win situation for online stores and customers.

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