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Useful Tips on How to Make Interesting Videos

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Today we will share a few useful tips on how to make interesting videos to post on Jooli’s platform. Sometimes in order to keep the videos brief, we miss out on the key points. So we thought of sharing a few points with you:

1. Shoot the videos in a vertical format, with which you can keep the focus on the product.

2. Add voice-overs to your product video for better understanding of the products.

3. Use transitions in your slides to keep the video interesting.

4. Capture all the unique features of your product that you would like to highlight to the shopper.

5. Make use of natural daylight while shooting a video and save yourself from heavy spending on lighting equipment.

6. Shoot the video from different angles for a better view of the product.

So before you set out to shoot a video, keep these points in mind.

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