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Why Video Marketing Is Important for SMEs

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Videos draw and hold viewers' attention. Consequently, using a video is a strategy to engage your audience. Increasing social media interaction is essential for audience traffic and, eventually, for converting views and clicks into revenue.

It was found in a survey that videos helped business increase brand awareness by 70% and sales by 34%.

Why should you use videos in your social media posts? Video posts:

  • Stay for a longer time on social feeds.

  • Are more engaging

  • Give a 360-degree view of your product.

  • Rank higher in search

  • Are becoming more popular on social platforms

Video Marketing Statistics from Hyperfine Media

Typically, product videos introduce a potential customer to a particular product. What does the product look like? What are the product's advantages? How does the product work? Many businesses may employ FAQ videos to answer peoples' frequently asked questions. It's a fantastic approach to respond to any concerns in a compelling manner in advance.

Conclusion: It's easier and cheaper to use video marketing for small businesses than you would imagine. If you are reading this post on a smartphone, you already have a video recorder. Also, if you need some tips and tricks for creating a compelling video for your products, you can reach out to Jooli's video editing team!

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