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Signing up for the jooli Agreement: Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Before proceeding with the Agreement form to join jooli, please ensure you have the following documents ready in hand: Company GST & PAN, Business certificate, bank details(a copy of the Cancelled Cheque), Aadhar card of the authorized business owner, company address, contact details for customer care service.

Ensure you have all the necessary information to expedite the approval process. It should take only 10-15 minutes to complete the form.

Once you click the Contract Form:

Section 1 - Access the contract form provided to you. This is your official sign-up process to join jooli

Section 2 - Company Information: Need to upload the relevant document based on your business type:

  • Proprietorship: MSME certificate

  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership): Incorporation certificate

  • Partnership firm: Registered partnership deed

  • Private Limited: Company incorporation certificate

  • Public Limited: Incorporation certificate

Section 3 - Registered Business Address: Need to provide the registered company name and the complete registered office address with the postal code. Details of Authorized Business Person (Aadhar card)

Section 4 - Company GST & PAN: Need to upload the required documents as per the legal registration. (Digital copy of GST & Pan)

Section 5 - Bank Information: Need to provide the details of your bank account where you wish to receive payments from Jooli India for every sale of your products through the Jooli app. *Upload a copy of the Cancelled Cheque( bank details should be visible in the cancelled cheque)

Section 6 - Business Contact Information: Need to fill the details of related about the for online business communications. Email IDs (for orders, return orders, shipping topics, and billing purposes)

Section 7 - Warehouse Address: Choose "yes" if the business address provided earlier is the same as the warehouse address.

Section 8 - Registered Warehouse Address with Postal code: Need to fill your complete warehouse address/business address for goods pickup, shipping & return(customer care for COD)

Section 9 - Warehouse Contact Information: Need to provide the details of the person responsible for goods pickup, shipping & return

Section 10 - Merchant Agreement and Platform Terms for Partners: Click the links to read our Merchant Agreement Platform Terms for Partners

Approval Process: We will check your data, and as soon as it is verified by our team, you will be informed about the approval status

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