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7 Types of Video Content That Attracts Viewers

Here are a few statistics that demonstrate the significance of video content marketing:

  • Videos will only receive more attention, given that 78 percent of marketers plan to invest in video marketing in 2023.

  • 92 percent of the audience watches their videos without sound, emphasising the significance of having subtitles.

In this blog, you will discover some of the most effective types of video content you may employ to stand out from your competitors.

  1. Product Videos: Customers making a purchase value trustworthy reviews more than ever. This is due to the fact that there are numerous solutions accessible on the market nowadays. As a result, it becomes incredibly difficult for a customer to make a final purchasing decision.

  2. How-to videos: Don't claim that watching a YouTube video hasn't taught you a new skill, a life hack, or a new hairdo. To be honest, if someone wants to learn something, they simply open their phone's YouTube app and watch the how-to videos.

  3. Explainer Videos: The best thing about explainer videos is that they can be tailored to address any subject you can think of! Many YouTube creators choose this style since it is simple to explain if you have deep understanding of a subject.

  4. Vlogs: One of the most popular and popular genres of YouTube content these days. A vlog is a type of video diary in which you share everything you do in your daily life.

  5. 360-degree videos: Virtual reality (VR), which is recognised for massively tickling the viewer's senses with incredible sensory details, is gaining popularity around the world. People are falling in love with the lifelike experience it gives, and sales of VR equipment are expected to reach 30 million units per year by 2023.

  6. Live Streaming: One of the most appealing aspects of live streams is that they do not require the use of a dedicated video hosting platform. Social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram give you enough resources to simply live stream and connect with your followers!

  7. Interviews: You can interview other content creators, influencers, or subject matter experts in your industry.

Conclusion: No matter how big or small your company is, it would be ideal if you used video content to attract more customers.

Tutorials, product reviews, live streaming, and even video commercials may be included in how-to manuals, vlogs, Reels, and other short-form videos. Video marketing, like social media consumption, is growing. Particularly the short-form videos.

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31 janv.

I advise you to choose the niche that is most relevant now. This always gets you enough views! For example, when I started my career on YouTube, I created training videos based on programs; it was popular then. All I needed was this recorder and video editing software. I uploaded the video to YouTube and got the first views!

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