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Are Video Ads The Future Of Advertising?

Sound and movement. These are the main reasons that individuals are drawn to videos. Both (sound and movement) are crucial for effectively communicating a message and increasing engagement. During a six-month global analysis by MediaMind of more than three billion ad impressions, the following potential was identified:

1. Online video ads are 27.4 times more likely to be clicked than ordinary banners.

2. Video ads are 12 times more than rich media ads.

Since Twitter users share more than 700 videos per minute, users are inevitably more likely to share videos. Video ads are shareable because they are short, relatable, and have a compelling narrative. Many brands believe that video ads are worthwhile because they give brands a fantastic platform to express themselves.

The old cliché says, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Then what about a moving picture (video)? Maybe it is worth a million words!

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