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Create Easy and Inspiring Short Video Ads With Your Smartphones

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"Did you know that 86% of marketers claim that video has benefited them in generating leads? According to a recent study, 81% of marketers claim that video has directly increased their sales. This is reason enough for you to start marketing videos of your products on Jooli.

It is quite easy to create a shoppable video for Jooli. A smartphone is all you require. To showcase the proper colours and style of your product, record a one-minute video with adequate backdrop lighting. You can highlight the product's USP in the video's captions for the benefit of the shoppers.

Merchants don't require expensive equipment or a lot of time. Nowadays, since we all have smartphones, creating brief video advertisements is simple. Here are some actions one can take to create interesting content in a short time:

1. Shoot with your smartphone

2. Highlight details of the product from different angles

3. Edit on handy apps

4. Add background Music

5. Add voice-over about the product

6. Use transitions and relevant text

Making videos will be simple when you follow these procedures. A general rule of thumb is to grab the audience's attention within the first three seconds and keep them interested for the next ten seconds."

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