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Why to Make Shoppable Videos

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"Have you ever considered making a purchase while viewing a video advertisement on an online store? Imagine being able to pause the video, select the products you want to buy, and make a purchase. With low attention spans and busy lifestyles, providing ease and speed in a shopping experience is essential. This is where Jooli comes in with its platform to encourage merchants to showcase their products with video advertisements, and shoppers to choose from a plethora of brands and products. Videos are changing the way advertising is done, and shoppable videos are at the forefront of this innovative change.

68% of consumers said that the pandemic has made them watch more videos online, and 74% of marketers are planning to increase their video content budgets as 2022 progresses.

Here are some video marketing stats by HubSpot:

- 83% of brand marketers say video has helped them bring leads.

- Live video is the third most-used social media marketing tactic.

- 64% of brands said a video on Facebook resulted in a new client in the last year.

If you have used Instagram before, you have probably noticed images with clickable links directly on the post; that’s shoppable content.

Also, making a shoppable video for Jooli is very simple. All you need is a smartphone. Record a one-minute video of your product with good background lighting to showcase the proper colors and design of the product. For added benefits to the shoppers, you can add captions to the video, and highlight the USP of the product. "

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