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India's first videoshopping app

  • Writer's pictureHimani Wadhwa

Why is Jooli The Best Online Shopping and Selling App For You?

Jooli is a marketplace app with a presence in India and abroad. Merchants, small companies, and online shoppers are connected by Jooli. Retailers can use Jooli App to showcase their distinctive product selection to a big audience by using engaging videos. On the Jooli App, the merchants display their products through succinct, informative product videos. Record and upload product videos with a smartphone.

Using Jooli's administrative tool, the merchants can examine video performance, watch time, and conversion rate.

Jooli is the ideal model for connecting merchants and online shoppers. A shopper can watch a short video ad from a Jooli-registered brand, explore their products, and make a purchase - all from the comfort of their home. Within the Jooli ecosystem, the shopper completes the purchase transaction with the merchant.

Online shoppers can interact directly with merchants, building trust and confidence, while merchants can affordably market their products. How we shop has completely changed with the advent of video ads.

In conclusion: if you are a merchant, join the Jooli App for free and reap the benefits of using video marketing to advertise your brand's products. All you need to do is get on board with Jooli.

For an online shopper, the Jooli App is easy to use; a 'swipe up' switches to a new brand, and a 'swipe right' or 'swipe left' changes that brand's product. The shopper is directed to the merchant's website to make a purchase. Jooli's user interface makes the experience enjoyable for both merchants and online shoppers.


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