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India's first videoshopping app

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After You Register As A Merchant, The Onboarding Process Is Way Easier Than You Can Think!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

A potential game-changer for your brand marketing will be short videos showcasing the products on Jooli App . You will get an email asking you to schedule an appointment with the Jooli team for a free consultation after completing the registration form. The consultation will provide more details on how to get on board on Jooli as a merchant. Join the Jooli App for free and enjoy the advantages of using video marketing to promote your brand's products. If you are interested in the proposal after communicating, the Jooli team will require the following from you:

1. 5 video ads of the products which are live on your website.

2. Provide links to specific products from your website - this will be needed for redirecting customers to your website.

3. Get help from Jooli’s videography team - if you need help regarding making videos, you can take guidance from Jooli’s team or send us your products and we will prepare the videos for you.

5. Get Jooli Creator Panel - this is an account for merchants to manage and upload videos, and review insights.

If you have more questions regarding the on boarding process, connect with us at

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