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Mobile Commerce Emerging Trends

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"If you have a smartphone, you presumably already realise how integral it is to your daily routine. In the morning, we check our messages and emails and catch up on the day's news. Before going to bed, we use our phones to watch our favourite TV shows and browse social media. We use our smartphones to carry out even the most basic chores, including paying bills, checking the weather, and getting directions to a location. However, in recent years, smartphones have also grown in popularity as a platform for online purchasing.

It goes without saying that mobile commerce is a phenomenon that will not go away. For online retailers, it is more of a requirement. Mobile commerce has also spurred the development of new markets and services or assisted in the expansion of already existing ones, such as:

- Money transfers

- E-ticketing and boarding pass

- Mobile banking

- Contactless payments and in-app payments

- Location-based services

- Mobile marketing - coupons and loyalty cards

A Few Useful M-commerce Statistics:

1. The M-commerce market size is predicted to hit $3.6 billion by the end of 2021.

2. Mobile accounted for 68% of paid search click share in Q2 2021.  

3. Almost 80% of users have made online purchases using their smartphones within the last six months.

4. Mobile commerce sales are predicted to jump up to $432.2 billion by 2022.

5. More than 51% of users prefer mobile web apps to other shopping channels.

6. Customers claimed web apps are convenient and have consistent UI.

Mobile commerce growth shows no signs of stopping in 2022. Thus, it’s imperative to adapt your business to evolving customer needs. Join the Jooliverse right away if you are a brand looking to promote your products across India and increase sales."

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