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India's first videoshopping app

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Interesting Products To Lookout For On Jooli

new products

A rapidly growing video shopping app called Jooli India connects shoppers and merchants. The benefit of having everything readily accessible extends to both customers and merchants. With the New Year 2023, Jooli has some interesting products to look out for.

  1. Gluten-free spinach noodles - yes, you heard that right! Naturally Yours, is a noodles brand that offers noodles made of quinoa, millet, red rice etc.

  2. Gold shimmer one-minute saree - a one minute saree? You heard that right! One Minute Saree is an iconic saree that women created to make donning it a little simpler and more accessible for everyone all across the world. Also checkout their crimson pink saree.

one minute saree

3. Sustainable lifestyle products - for plastic-free alternatives the brand ONEarth has a plethora of options on Jooli, such as this wooden hand juicer.

4. Pet treats - Hemp is a gift from the Himalayas, waiting to be rediscovered and snatched back from the mists of time. Take a look at this healthy, nutritious and natural treat that India Hemp and co. created for dogs.

To check out more such unique and innovative products, head out to the Jooli app.

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