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India's first videoshopping app

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Make Yourself Seen and Heard with The JOOLI App

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Are you a small business with a unique story to tell? Perhaps you have a product that has always been ready to take the market by storm but has never done so because you lack the financial means to place an ad on television or in the newspaper. What if we told you that Jooli has made buying and selling a breeze?

Jooli connects merchants, small businesses, and consumers. Jooli App allows retailers to use engaging videos to show off their unique product variety to a large audience. Customers will be drawn to your website as a result of our efforts. No expensive tools are required; simply film and upload product videos to connect, convert, and close — all while working remotely. The merchants exhibit their products on the Jooli App with short and crisp informative product films. You may analyze video performance, watch time, and conversion rate using Jooli's administrative tool. As a result, displaying products becomes a painless process for you as a merchant, as well as a source of information and enjoyment for your customers. Promote your products on Jooli with personal product videos.

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