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5 Ways AI Has Changed Video Marketing

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence is having a big impact on digital marketing. An undeniable fact over the last decade. Because of advances in AI, marketing and business professionals now have access to a wealth of useful data, insights, and tools.

It goes without saying that artificial intelligence has had a positive impact on video marketing. AI is becoming so important in video marketing techniques that some people can't imagine life without it.

Something that piques the target audience's interest, such as interesting and informative video content, is more likely to entice them to click and respond. This type of material necessitates the assistance and data that artificial intelligence can provide.

  1. Improve speed, efficiency, and shorten production process: AI has made it possible for video producers to shorten the entire production process. Aside from providing insights, it may also improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy in a variety of tasks. From video curation to editing, artificial intelligence may be of great assistance today.

  2. Higher conversion rates: Video promotes 64% of viewers to buy the product. And it's easy to see why: video brings objects to life in ways that words cannot. You can now be confident that your AI-generated videos will reach their intended audience, resulting in higher conversion rates.

  3. Personalised shopping experience: According to a study, 40% of shoppers prefer brands that provide a personalised shopping experience. And what better way to tailor your marketing strategy than to use AI? You can better target your marketing efforts and reach the right demographic for your brand by using data from social media advertisements and analytics.

  4. Best ROI: A staggering 52% of marketing professionals believe that, of all online content types, video provides the best return on investment. They can now use AI analytics to test their video content and see how it performs before making a wider rollout.

  5. AI and social media: If you're feeling a little lost in the social media world, artificial intelligence (AI) is a good place to start. Using machine learning technologies, you can create videos quickly, schedule them to be posted at the appropriate time, and receive real-time updates on people's interest in your artificial intelligence videos.

In conclusion: Using artificial intelligence for video marketing is a great way to amplify and scale your company's strategies for making higher-quality connections with your audience. AI could be useful to you whether you want to improve your current marketing strategy or completely reimagine what you're working with. AI-powered video marketing is clearly here to stay, and it will continue to revolutionise the video marketing industry as AI advances.

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