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3 Ways to Grow Your E-commerce with Jooli App

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The e-commerce boom of the last two decades disrupted the consumer market, leaving a gaping void between the choice of quantity and quality. Emerging e-commerce trends were fueled even more by nationwide lock-downs.

However, one component was left unaddressed: the prospect of providing clients with the same online buying experience that they would have in a physical store. This is where Jooli comes in; we've brought the offline shopping experience to everyone’s fingertips. Shoppers can view informative and entertaining video advertisements for products from different brands, and with simple functionalities on the Jooli App shoppers can switch between brands and products. Everything is in one place for shoppers and merchants - Jooli App.

The three ways to grow your e-commerce business with Jooli:

1. Build your brand awareness with engaging video advertisements.

2. Build trust with shoppers by answering their questions directly: the Jooli App connects merchants and shoppers.

3. Analyze video performance, watch time, and conversion rate using Jooli's administrative tool.

For merchants, uploading online advertisements is like a cakewalk on Jooli. To become a part of the Jooliverse and reap the benefits whether you are a shopper or a merchant.

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