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6 Benefits of Having an E-commerce Website

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

“An e-commerce website for my company? I don’t think it will be useful.”

“How will a website help my e-commerce business?”

“As a small business owner, should I have an e-commerce website?”

If these are your thoughts, then let us take you through some statistics:

· It's predicted that 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040.

· Globally, 93.5% of internet users have made online purchases.

· The ability to shop whenever you want is the main reason for internet shopping.

So here are the advantages of having an e-commerce website:

1. Cost reduction

When compared to a physical store, an online store is more inexpensive and requires less capital. A vendor does not need to spend a hefty amount on store maintenance. Additionally, this is a brilliant chance for SMEs to run a business without paying a hefty price.

2. Repeat and Retain customers

An online e-commerce store is a great opportunity for getting repeat customers. E-commerce websites are packed with tools that make it simple to retain consumers. For instance, you can gather consumer data and use it to send personalized messages to your consumers.

3. Beat competition

According to 59% of MSMEs in India, compared to other forms of eCommerce, having an online store means less competition.

The greatest benefit of an eCommerce website is its ability to compete with brands through unique e-commerce websites and the presentation of products.

4. No boundary

A vendor is always looking at ways to expand their business. An online store is a great opportunity as it is not bound by geography. For instance, the most popular app in India, Jooli, is revolutionizing the shopping process. With more than 500000 downloads, Jooli provides features like - shopping through brief video ads, making your own wishlist of products, sharing your favorite products, discovering multiple brands on the platform, etc.

5. Increased efficiency

You can save time on business-related activities and easily manage an eCommerce business while working a full-time job or taking care of the home with the help of an online store. Once your website is up and running, managing your business won't take up a lot of your time. You can manage many of the tasks from your store dashboard with only a few clicks.

6. Faster response to market demands and building trust among customers

With an online store, a vendor can quickly respond to the ever-changing demands. For instance, adding ‘notify me’ buttons for products that are out of stock, adding ‘bring this product back’ button, for products that may no longer be in production, and LIVE assistance through chat for shoppers.

Also, a properly designed e-commerce website builds more trust, where the shopper is certain about the listed products, and payment methods.

To sum it up, research reveals that there are over 26 million e-commerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more being created every single day. So if you are still wondering about having an e-commerce website, think no more. You can also join the Jooliverse to enjoy the benefits of selling and buying from any location!

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