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13 Eco-Friendly Products On Jooli

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Every year on June 5th, the world celebrates World Environment Day, a worldwide initiative that promotes environmental awareness and action. Furthermore, on June 8th, World Oceans Day emphasizes the importance of our oceans and the need to safeguard their delicate ecosystems. In Aditya Birla Group's recently launched video campaign #YehDuniyaGolHai, there is an urge to handle waste correctly.

In recent years, notable personalities from India have emerged as environmental leaders. Sadhguru launched the "Save Soil Movement" upon recognising the importance of soil health for sustainable agriculture and environmental balance. Sadhguru's Rally for Rivers initiative highlighted the critical need to revitalise India's depleting rivers. Dia Mirza, India's United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador, started the #BeatPlasticPollution initiative.

Let us look at how we can bring small changes into our lifestyle and become more eco-friendly just by choosing the right kind of products:

Begin with a morning routine

Using an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and choosing bamboo bath towels that are exceptionally soft and antibacterial; we can set our mornings right by making sustainable choices. Get started on a journaling journey with a sustainable journal kit made from recycled paper and recycled paper pencils. Followed by body stretches on the jute yoga mat made of natural rubber and jute. You can even get yourself an eco-friendly laundry basket! Set out for the day with the square-shaped eco-friendly bag made from 100% natural and sustainable cane, making it an excellent substitute for standard plastic bags. The unusual square design offers a stylish accent to any outfit, while the durable vegan leather handles provide comfort and durability. Choose a basket bag handcrafted by expert artisans in Manipur using kauna grass.

If you love to spruce up little spaces in the house

Grab this lovely cork planter which is excellent for displaying your favourite plants and flowers. Beautifully crafted from naturally acquired cork that complements greenery. For serving the guests or just as a décor piece, pick the rattan serving tray, made by tightly braiding the fibers. The tray, which is decorated with a typical rectangular wooden frame, can be used to serve refreshments to guests or as house décor and add some soy wax candles in the corners of the room. Add sustainable choices for cleaning with coconut dishwashing scrubs - these are a sustainable and healthy alternative to plastic scrubs for keeping your dishes squeaky clean. Coconut scrubs are nature's replacement for artificial scrubs and are made entirely of organic coconut fiber. Finally, an eco-friendly duffle bag which will become your favourite travel partner!

Conclusion: World Environment Day and World Oceans Day are beautiful opportunities to reflect on our actions and make an impact in the world. Let us join hands this year to celebrate both occasions, concentrating on sustainable practices and choosing eco-friendly products that can positively impact our planet.

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