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9 Eco-friendly Products To Lookout For

sustainable environment

In the new year, if you are making some resolutions, the one that is a must is to make more sustainable choices. On Jooli, we have a plethora of brands offering innovative and sustainable products. Let us take a look at a few:

For all urban residences and organisations that take pride in keeping their trash cans and spaces tidy. This Green Bag is non-toxic, non-soggy, 100% compostable, and sustainable because it is produced from leaves of a renewable creeper.

Look no further if you're seeking for eco-friendly presents for men and women who value their well-being and that of the environment. The Bamboo Bae offers Zero Waste Personal Care Gifts that are not only classy and appropriate as sustainable gifts but also encourage your loved one to adopt a more sustainable way of living.

Choose a more environmentally responsible method of carrying your cash and credit cards. Natura is ideal for people who prefer to keep things light because it has many of compartments to carry many cards!

Are you a stationery lover? With peace of mind that you have chosen sustainably, scribble away without concern. Rescript notebooks are produced using only recycled paper. Also, we have crayons that are sustainable! Once the crayons are too short to colour, the seeds in the back can be planted to grow plants. From USE & THROW to USE & GROW (a mix of flowers, herbs, and vegetables).

The coconut dishwashing scrubs are a sustainable and healthy alternative to plastic scrubs for keeping your dishes spotless. Coconut dishwashing scrubs are nature's answer to scrubs made of plastic. produced entirely from organic coconut fibre.

These strong, environmentally friendly boxes are created from organic leaves. They are non-toxic, non-soggy, sustainable, healthy, and 100% compostable. These leaves' anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiulcer, antidiabetic, antioxidant, and anticancer effects are well documented. In India, they have long been used as plates for meals. Made in M.P. by women from the marginalized Baiga tribe. You can load lovely soaps, chocolates, candies, mithai, savoury snacks, nuts, gifts, trinkets, seed balls, jewellery, and crackers in these boxes. Why settle for one scoop when you can enjoy your Gelato or Ice-cream in Eco-friendly bowls? Grab these coconut shell dessert bowls.

Colorful Hand-casted and Eco-friendly Concrete Vase, and decor items for your home and office.

Conclusion: We advocate for sustainable businesses! In order for our planet to remain healthy, it can only produce a certain amount of resources, including food, water, and greenhouse gas emissions. We only have one Earth, and both our existence and well-being are entirely dependent upon it.

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