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Why Video Marketing is So Popular

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

"A study reveals that 33% of people prefer to learn about products by watching a video.

The reason video marketing is so popular is that it solves an issue that most people have in common: a lack of time. The majority of your shoppers will be busy, and if they visit your e-commerce site, they probably want to take in information as quickly as possible before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

For the shoppers, videos play an important role when purchasing a product, the shoppers can have a 360-degree view of the product. Also, videos solve a very important issue that most shoppers have, “I did not receive the product in the same colour as the image shown on the website.” Since images do not reveal complete information, videos come to the rescue.

For the seller, videos save time and money being spent on hiring salesmen and having repetitive conversations about a product. A video saves time and conveys the message in a quick and interesting manner.

Videos create a more personal and convenient environment for shoppers. It gives a more in-depth overview of each product which is probably why most people agree that they best assist them when making a purchase decision."

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