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India's first videoshopping app

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Discover New Products with Short Videos

In 2022 short-form video marketing is becoming more and more prominent. Blogs were the "king" of content for many years. The next marketing tool joining the fray is video, and the audience is going crazy for it. Views on YouTube have recently upped by 20–30%. With 56% of users watching more videos on social media each month, engagement is at an all-time high. Four out of ten internet users follow brands they like, according to data (and consider buying from).

The primary platform where customers look for products is the internet. However, consumers do more than merely look for new things on Google. They are using social media to look for advice from friends and influencers. What if we told you that we had set up a venue where merchants and customers can interact?

Similar to an offline store, the Jooli App is the ideal place for both merchants and consumers to connect, the consumers can make purchases, and even have a quick conversation with the merchant. And not just that, but also consumers can seek advice from their friends and relatives for their favourite products, by sharing the products online. As per the consumer attention spans, Jooli provides a platform for merchants to display their products in bite-sized videos.

Consumers are not only viewing, sharing, and engaging in more video content than ever before; they are actively looking for videos to research new brands and products before making a purchase. So, it's time to employ your imagination to make compelling stories using the video format. Use the phone vertically, for instance, to show a single person on the screen, then switch to a wider scene which is viewable when the user turns the phone horizontally.

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