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7 Gift Ideas For Mothers' Day!

Let us celebrate mother's day by making mom feel special today. Although the day has garnered a lot of commercial activities around it, we definitely feel every day is Mothers' day!

If you are still looking for the perfect present this Mother's Day, Jooli has got you covered:

  1. hand-painted finish terracotta jewellery - comes in a set: necklace and jhumkas. This colorful set can be paired with traditional attire.

  2. rainbow earrings - yes! you heard that right, the Indradhanush earrings were not sent by Lord Indra himself, but they definitely look as dazzling as a rainbow!

  3. Embellished tassel necklace - this tassel necklace is sure to turn a few heads around with its unique green and golden colors.

  4. Branch ring - this elegant yet simple ring will remind you of the tender leaves on a branch.

  5. Beach wave bracelet - the vastness and beauty of the ocean in your hands, quite literally! A beautiful beach vibe to match mom's summery outfit.

  6. White baroque pearl earrings - some pearls are baroque and still elegant. Grab these pearl earrings for your mom!

  7. Rawa design bangles - looking for something mom will adorn daily? Grab these simple yet sophisticated silver bangles.

In conclusion: whether you choose a gift as expensive or as simple as a rose from your garden, a mother will look at both with the same affection. A gift is an expression of love and let us remember that the best gift is quality time.

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