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3 Tips To Create A Compelling Product Video

Here are some simple and practical tips for creating a compelling product video:

  1. Plan for the video: It takes more than just pressing the record button to make a video. A video can stand out from others through a variety of factors. Address the questions: Will the video be filmed indoors or outdoors? Do I have all the equipment I'll need for the video? Where will my product be most noticeable? Do I need a person to film the product video, or can I use a background? How can I more effectively highlight my product's USP? For instance, take the video indoors in a suitable environment if it is a decorative piece. If the item is clothing, display a person wearing it in various settings.

  2. Use a High-Quality Camera: Contrary to widespread assumption, you can produce high-quality videos without expensive or specialized equipment. In the past few years, nearly all top mobile phone companies' camera quality has significantly improved. Therefore, it is likely that the smartphone you're using right now can produce 4K videos at 60 frames per second, which is sufficient to match the quality of any potential competitors.

  3. Use an explainer video: Sometimes, you have to describe how to use your product or how it is unique compared to existing ones. So create a video explaining how your product is used in diverse situations. For instance, if your product is a bag, show how much room your bag has to hold additional stuff, how many sections it has, etc.

In conclusion: Be sure to be simple and address the USP of your product in the video. The viewers want to know about the utility of your product, so could you show them that? For guidance on making videos, reach out to Jooli's videography and editing team at: and

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