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13 New Year Jewellery Gift Ideas

Happy New Year! Today we have curated for you a jewellery gift guide for New Year. It is that time of the year when everything looks a tad more dazzling. So we thought, why not make this holiday gifting season a little more special by introducing you to these jewellery items available on Jooli:

For an elegant vibe, pick the American diamond necklace set paired with a leaf design from Jooli or grab the go-to stainless steel pendant for everyday wear. Grab this earring set if you're looking for that simple yet sophisticated everyday wear.

Who doesn't love semi-precious stones? Grab your favourite necklace with semi-precious stones with adjustable thread at the back.

Want to go a little more traditional this New Year? Grab the beautiful chandbali. A beautiful fusion jaali silver plated brass choker with earrings clustered with pearls makes a stunning statement piece. Do you love the moon and wish someone would promise to bring you the moon? Why not bring it to yourself? It is time to love yourself to the moon and back! 😉

Drum Shaped Charms it the new cool from a casual day to formal evening wear, the pearl band ring.

The casting of non-ferrous metals using the lost-wax casting method is called Dhokra (sometimes spelt Dokra). India has been using this type of metal casting for more than 4,000 years and continues to do so. Because of its simple primitive design, captivating folk patterns, and robust form, the work of dhokra artisans is highly sought after in both domestic and international markets. Buy the unique Dhokra art handcrafted necklace.

For that sophisticated look, a minimalistic choker is all you need, or if you love a little bubble affair, then grab this bubble bed earring.

Conclusion: If you love jewellery, we have curated a brief yet practical guide, including some traditional options. If you would love to check out more jewellery options, check out the Jooli app.

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