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Benefits of Becoming a Merchant on JOOLI

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Social commerce permits companies to sell products and services within social media platforms. Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and new ones are setting foot into the Indian market. The huge reach of these new platforms, such as Jooli, makes it advantageous for merchants or brands to show their merchandise and connect them with the consumers directly.

A prospective shopper can use the Jooli App to view the product's video before making a purchase on the company's website. Jooli reroutes traffic to the merchant’s website so that shoppers can communicate with the merchant directly. Sales are boosted by Jooli's discovery-driven model, which connects the right product with the right shopper.

The most popular Jooli product categories include jewellery, clothing, and accessories. It lets merchant showcase their products and services in a video format so that shoppers can experience them in real-time. Jooli's video content presentation of products and brands can drastically increase conversions. A single click will transport a shopper right to the merchant's website if they express interest and are prepared to make a purchase.

Small or medium-sized merchants are now able to sell to online shoppers. These merchants choose Jooli due to its reach and ability to connect directly with the buyers.

Begin your journey with Jooli, click here to become a merchant.

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