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5 DIY Activities For Kids That Will Keep Them Busy

DIY activities for kids

Do you need some entertaining ideas for your children? As parents, we sometimes run out of creative, new ways to keep our busy kids happy and occupied. We at Jooli chose our favourite DIY crafts and activities for kids, and we think you'll want to try one or more of them this weekend:

  1. Activity box - Interesting activities planned in one box. Make interesting cube puzzles and keep the kids engaged. This activity box promises early childhood development with necessary child developmental skills, ensuring that your children get enough exposure to look at the world through their eyes, explore, and create wonders.

  2. Ready to paint letters - Make a personalised display of your name—or a favourite word or phrase—in your bedroom. Simply use your own designs to decorate each letter.

  3. Handmade Cards - When children make these cards, they are giving an emotional piece of themselves away, and there is no better way to foster their creativity. Super cute ocean friends and shaking glitter will make your kids smile, and these handmade cards will make the perfect gift to cherish their early-year memories.

  4. Tie & Dye - Make your own Tie-Dye T-shirt to express your creativity. It is simple to use and requires no heating. Simply fill the bottles with water and shake them before using.

  5. DIY Owl box - A DIY Joy Box is available for creating your own wall art. Simply open the box, paint all of the embellishments of your choice, assemble them, and you have a finished decorative art piece.

Conclusion: We have handpicked a few DIY activities that will engage your child constructively. Do let us know in the comments which one is your favourite among these.

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